Climb The Mountain Pt. 3 "Right Standing"

One of my favorite family traditions that me and Lauren started shortly after we got married is call “The Great Pizza Challenge”. The challenge is we each get $20 and we have have a set amount of time to go out and buy the ingredients to make the perfect pizza. I like this challenge because you have to make difficult decisions, do you spend a little extra on the perfect crust and cut corners on the sauce? And speaking of corners, is the perfect pizza square or round? There are so many different ideas, secret weapons, and strategies. Another aspect of the challenge is, with a limited budget, you don’t have the flexibility to just pick up a pack of cheese, you’ve got to go to the deli and know exactly how much of each product you need. Products left on the side represent money wasted in the challenge, and with such a small budget, you don’t have any room for waste. That being said, you better not run out of something that is important!