Raise A Flag

A couple weeks ago we started a brand new series that takes a closer look at the book of Psalms, which I believe is set for a resurgence in popularity among younger people. When I was a student I loathed poetry and literature. As I’ve grown and matured in my faith and just as a person in general, I’ve discovered the beauty in words. Songs, poetry, books and everything else that is creative. Creativity should be celebrated in fact, we’re creative because God was creative first. It’s a gene that we have inherited from our heavenly father. Think about all the beautiful things that God has created. The incredible landscapes like Victoria Falls in Zambia, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, or even the northern lights from Alaska. Then look at some of the incredible life that exists on our planet, beautiful birds like Parrots, tropical fish like Nemo and the all colorful Chameleon! Then take a look at God’s most prized creation, the one He created in the image of Himself, us, You!

Jesus said in Matthew 6:26, when teaching about worry and fear, “Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?

Look at that last line and remember that these aren’t the words of some pastor or teacher, these are the words of Jesus himself, the man who is God, who came from heaven on a mission to redeem those who were lost from a relationship with God. So of all the beauty in this world, God sees you! And God created you, to be creative! Which is why the Psalms are so important and so useful, it represents a creative outlet to worship God, It shows us that we can bring God our pain, our hurt, our struggles! The Psalms build our faith and remind us that God is always victorious, even when it looks like there’s no way.

Tonight we’re looking at a battle Psalm, but maybe not necessarily in the way that you might think. When we think of praying before a battle we probably give God our attention momentarily, then move on to “what n