The Jesus Update

In October 2011, Apple released iOS5. I was a college student rocking an iPhone 4 and I couldn’t wait to download and install this update. At that point Apple would send out the update in phases, which meant that some people would get the update before other people would. Our school had already preemptively send out an announcement that the internet might be slower that day due to an overloaded network. In other words, everyone with an iPhone will be downloading a massive update, so things will go slower.

This update was huge! This is the update that Apple introduced Siri, a brand new notification center, a big update to iMessage, iCloud, and a ton of other new features. I had read about it and watched Keynote presentation and I couldn’t wait to get this update on my screen! I went to all of my classes with the anticipation that the message would pop across my screen with the invitation to download! Then in the first class of the day, I saw it pop up on my screen and before anyone else, I hit the download button and sat the phone on the edge of my desk so I could watch it during my Old Testament Survey course. It was a great day, I got the update before all of my friends and more importantly before my roommate!